Blackfish Paddles is an exclusively SUP paddle building company. They design, manufacture, and distribute high quality, handcrafted SUP paddles in their Thailand factory. Blackfish Paddles is the realization of BC native David Smart, who's passion for SUP derived while working in Thailand, and wanted to engineer a new paddle that gave the user a fully-rounded great experience; from the design, the philosophy, and the performance. 


ONE Ocean Sports is a quality based SUP brand from the Aussie couple, Jacko and Angie. Their passion for being on the water and love for SUP was why they started ONE. ONE Ocean Sports values being a premium product whom's motivation is not profit for a cheaper product, but being the best in quality and performance. In doing so ONE Ocean Sports is different from all other SUP brands by working with Ausie shaper Ben Tardrew to custom make any board for anyone!


No Logo Ocean Accessories is exactly how it sounds- leashes with no logo's. There is no branding so anyone can use their leashes as they are a great product especially for downwinding and foiling. No Logo Leash is the ultimate solution to any leash problem ever had, it is shorter in length, connected to a waist belt, and safer than the DIY leash. 


ONIT Pro was founded in 2007 by surfers, athletes and performance enthusiasts. ONIT Pro has been a leader in the development of High Performance watercraft performance and maintenance care. There products keep your equipment looking and performing at its best. Protect. Preserve. Perform.