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Appletree - Appleslice V2 Wing Foil Board

Appletree - Appleslice V2 Wing Foil Board

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The Appleslice V2 caters to wide range of riders with volumes starting at 40L and going all the way up to 110L.

Primarily designed as a flat water and wave riding foil board it is still very capable when learning freestyle.  (See Jazz for more freestyle oriented board).


Compact Shape

Hull Entry - unique boat hull inspired shape that flattens out under foot.  Helps deflect water when accelerating.  This means it gains speed easily and can comfortably ride a smaller volume than normal.

Elongated Planing Surface- The flat bottom with hard edge at the back is ideal for accelerating and releasing from the water.  Foil tracks are placed slightly further forward to better accomodae high aspect foils.

Foot Foot recess standing area - ensures the angle between standing area and foil remains at 90 degrees.

Volume Distribution - volumeis distributed evenly through the board making it easy to balance on while on your knees.


Appleslice V2 Width Thickness Volume
4’6” 19.7” 2.61”  35L
4’7” 20.0” 2.82”  40L
4’8” 21.5” 3.23”  50L
4’9” 22.5” 3.67”  60L
4’10” 23.5” 4.01”  70L
5’0” 24.5” 4.46”  83 L
5’3” 25.0” 4.81”  95L
5’7” 25.6” 5.12”  110L


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