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NSP Airwave Hydro Foil Set

NSP Airwave Hydro Foil Set

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The new NSP Airwave is our go to all round foil. The wings are made from high quality pre-preg carbon and the mast and fuselage are precision milled anodized aluminum. This foil set offers stability, durability and performance at a great price.

We have been riding and testing a wide range of foils and the Airwave offers great low-speed take-off and excellent rider feedback. We also love the wing design and the incredibly stiff fuselage and mast. The result is a ton of control and stability, making the NSP Airwave perfect for all disciplines of foiling.

The wing design allows for effortless rail-to-rail transitions with stability at all speeds. We also love the linear feedback of the wings.

Available with either a 1325 or 1700 front wing.  The 1325 is great for lighter riders or use in small to medium waves.  Larger riders or those looking to get into wing foiling are best with the larger 1700.

The Airwave is easy to assemble and the joints remain tight throughout the session - it is a precision piece of equipment!

The NSP Airwave is ideal for both entry-level and advanced foilers. 


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