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The game changer is here!

This cutting edge board design takes SUP board performance to the next level.

The full displacement nose is efficient through the water while the high volume keeps it on the surface in small to mid chop. 

The single concave under the standing area combined with the deep dug out gives the paddler a stable platform to apply maximum power during their stroke.

The single concave turns into a round pin tail to give a clean release and an effortless glide feeling normally only found in a surfski or OC.

Pin tails normally don't turn well - this is where the 'Wings' come into play.  As you step back the wings engage and provide a super stable platform to turn the board.  In the deck area the tail is raised to ensure as little water as possible enters the deck area.

 The EDGE PRO 2 is a unique board design and the next level of performance, speed and glide.


Sizes Available:

  • 14' x 21.5" @ 247 L
  • 14' x 23.5" @ 269.4 L
  • 14' x 25.5" @ 290 L


 Construction Available:

  • Elite Hollow - Full carbon hollow construction - light, stiff and durable.  Available in 21.5" and 23.5" width
  • Hollow GT - A stiff and durable glass hollow construction that is great value for hollow technology.  Available in 23.5" and 25.5" width


Colours Available:

  • Red Nose, Silver Stripes, White Body
  • Blue Nose, Silver Stripes, White Body


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