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ONE SUP EVO 2.0 Red side base
ONE SUP EVO 2.0 Blue
ONE SUP EVO 2.0 Red beach
ONE SUP EVO 2.0 Red base nose
ONE SUP EVO 2.0 thumb tail


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$ 3,950.00 CAD
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$ 3,160.00 CAD

The EVO 2.0 is the most fun stand up paddle board in the ONE SUP range!  It is a flat deck downwind board that still moves remarkably efficient on flat water.  It really comes alive when any kid of chop or bumps start to appear. 

The EVO 2.0 has a wide nose profile to allow it to ride over bumps rather than cutting into them.  This combined with the double concave on the bottom that runs to a rounded thumb tail gives this board fantastic rough water performance.  The tail still has a wider outline for easy pivot turning and stability as you step back on the bumps.  

    • Hybrid:  molded PVC/wood sandwich for a durable performance option.  Perfect for those on a budget or those who prioritize durability.
    • Dynamic: molded PVC/carbon/glass sandwich for the ultimate strength to weight combination.
    Colour Way:
    • red/silver, light blue/silver


    • 14 x 24” 
    • 14 x 26” 
    • 14 x 28”