Blackfish Releases The Brand New Viento!

Blackfish Releases The Brand New Viento!

Blackfish Paddles Ltd. (September 4, 2019) -- Blackfish Paddles, a world leader in the design and production of high-quality paddles for Standup Paddleboarding, is pleased to announce a new high-performance paddle. The VIENTO 520 is designed to perform when racing at the highest level. The VIENTO 520 from Blackfish Paddles adds to an already impressive quiver of paddles. The VIENTO 520 paddle will be their top of the line product and only be available in a fixed shaft and 520cm2 blade face. 

"The design and testing of this paddle have been extensive. We involved our sponsored athletes as well as the design team at our factory. I believe this is our best ever paddle." says company founder David Smart. "We wanted a blade that had the Blackfish DNA of clean entry, solid catch and an effortless release as well as pushing the limits on quality and weight. This blade is our lightest ever and weighs just 165g and is hand-laid using only carbon and features a unique power face with a centre spine and a deep concave on either side of the spine. It's unique in its looks and the feeling when you paddle is amazing."

"In April of this year I had an opportunity to travel to Bangkok and visit the factory to see how Blackfish builds their paddles," said Lincoln Dews a world-class SUP paddler and waterman. "It was fascinating to see how many people are involved in making a paddle and how many hands touch a paddle. I also had a chance to help test the new VIENTO 520 paddle. I loved the paddle and enjoyed giving feedback to the design and testing process. The VIENTO 520 is now my go-to paddle for training and racing. It is the best paddle, and I love it!"

Over the past three years, standup paddling has been the top outdoor growth activity in the industry, with participation growing year after year. Blackfish is addressing this burgeoning love for the sport by creating a new paddle design that will change the future of racing. 

The all-carbon blade features a unique twin "power pocket" on the blade face which gives the paddle a solid catch and excellent stability during the power phase while maintaining a clean release. Take your paddling to the next level with the VIENTO 520. This blade is only available in carbon with a fixed-length filament wound carbon shaft. Hand laid using bio-resin and shipped in a paddle sock with no bubble wrap.

Blackfish Paddles Ltd. is Canada's only vertically integrated paddle brand and is now in its fifth year of production. Blackfish was the first brand to build all paddles using bio-resin and to ship all products in a reusable sock to eliminate waste from bubble wrap. All Blackfish products are designed and tested on the west coast of Canada and built at their manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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Lincoln Dews is a professional waterman who has made a name for himself in standup paddleboarding, surfing, sailing and surf life-saving. Lincoln's passion and uncompromised motivation have seen him achieve a SUP World Title in 2018. Lincoln is sponsored by Blackfish Paddles and other leading brands. For more information on Lincoln Dews, please visit:

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