Learning to Foil

Learning to Foil

Nothing like trying a new sport and improving from a "Kook of the Day" star to proficient after a few attempts. With a few simple tips and some persistence foiling is very accessible. Welcome to FOILING!

When we first started foiling it was much harder than we expected. We started behind a boat and slowly learned how to feel the energy of the wave, how to keep the board trimmed and how to carve turns. The process of going from behind a boat to down winding took a while and there are a few things that we learned along the way that we wanted to share:

1. Take a lesson or paddle with others who are better than you. Nothing like avoiding bad habits!

2. No ego! Have a beginners mindset, try new things and focus on being calm and playful when on the water. This is supposed to be fun!

3. Good gear matters. Use a bigger wing to get lift and use a board designed for the kind of foiling you plan on doing. You don't cut bread with a chainsaw!

One of the best foilers around is our good friend and founder of ONE SUP, Paul Jackson. Check out this amazing video of Jacko in the groove and making it look so easy! Enjoy and thanks Jacko for all the solid tips!

We love foiling so please get in touch if you have any questions!


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