SUP & Foil Test Ride #1: ONE Foil Boards

SUP & Foil Test Ride #1: ONE Foil Boards

At SUP&Foil we’re pumped to have the unique opportunity to test all our toys and share our experiences with the SUP and foil community. Squamish, our home turf in Canada, is the perfect playground to try out gear in a mix of conditions and share our first impressions:

We had a chance to take the new ONE foil boards out for a fun afternoon foil session. The wind was lighter than we had hoped for, as well as being gusty and shifty making it an ideal environment to test the boards - you learn the most when conditions are sub optimal!

Our initial feel of the boards was super positive as the quality of the construction is the usual very high ONE standard. These guys build awesome boards. We tested the Elite construction carbon moulded boards which look lovely and are light for their size! The board shape has changed with this latest version of the wing foil board with length being reduced, the outline staying wider and the volume moving more into the centre of the board. This was done to make the boards more responsive and reduce swing weight. Also the dugout deck has been removed and replaced with a slight concave for which my knees are very thankful! 

Visually the boards look similar from a distance but up close the subtle changes are quite noticeable. So do the changes translate into a better foil board? That was the key question as the two of us hit the water.

Paddling out into the deeper water and standing up the board felt super stable despite being 6 inches shorter for the same volume. Given the light, gusty and shifty conditions pumping was needed to get up on foil and this is where the new boards exceled. The wider outline with the flat bottom and stiff construction meant the energy of pumping translated into forward momentum. The board was a joy to pump, both to get up on foil and also chasing small bumps and boat wakes. So much fun!

The shorter length combined with the lighter weight made a huge difference to the feel and performance. The board felt very connected to the foil and super responsive.

In short the new version of the ONE wing board is a big step forward and is our favourite larger volume board. Now all we need is some more wind and bumps for a downwind run!

Boards tested: ONE Wind Wing Board 5' x 26" / 90L in Red Elite and the 5'4" x 27.5" / 111L in White Elite

Location: Nexen Beach, Squamish, Canada

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