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Board Types


bumps, flat water, technical, and sprints.

  • STORM 2.0 is the ideal board for downwinding and paddling in choppy conditions
  • EDGE 2.0 loves gliding on flat water or course racing with buoy turns and sprints
  • EDGE Pro the ultimate flat water board with a great weight to durability ratio
  • EVO 2.0 there is nothing this all round board can't do, from downwinding to flat water sprinting
  • EVO PRO the ultimate all round board with a full dugout for stability and a great strength to weight ratio


light weight, durable, compact in size, cruise.


performance, stability, and a range of board dimensions for any skill level.


beginner to advanced options, good for different conditions, and can paddle!

  • Downwind for chasing bumps and cruising with the wind
  • Surf using waves for your foiling advantage