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Aipa Wrecking Ball - Fusion HD

Aipa Wrecking Ball - Fusion HD

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The Suftech built Aipa Wrecking Ball is the high performance / super groveller that fills the gap between your fish and high performance short board.

The full outline up front gives it great paddling power and towards the tail Aipa's signature sting wings pulls in the double pronged bat tail to feel like a combo of a swallow and squash tail for lift and bite which allows the board to be highly reponsive with tight radius turns without giving up any speed or drive.

Bevel rails that are inspired by hydroplane speedboat designs gives increases lift and increases the rail to rail responivness.

When others are struggling on their shortboards the Wrecking Ball will give you the power to drive down the line and bash your way through sections without remorse!

Wave range: Below average to above average/ waist high to overhead.

Use in conditions you would either use a groveler or ditch your shortboard on good days for a new sensation.

Fin Configuration: Quad on average basis to overhead, switch to thruster for over head high for added holding power..

Design Range: 5’4” to 6’4”

Target Sizing: 2-5” below standard shortboard with 1-3 L added volume depending on skill level.



 Built in Surftech's high performance Fusion HD

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