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Appletree - Jazz Wing Foil Board

Appletree - Jazz Wing Foil Board

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Wing foiling might be one of the fastest developing sports in the world.  What was once slowly cruising around is now flips, spins, riding waves, downwinding and racing!

Appletree realized that once board shape did not fit all users and have developed the Jazz - their freestyle wing board.  Perfect for jumping, spining, flipping and eveything in between.


Ultra Compact Shape - a shorter, more compact shape means less swing weight resulting in quicker turns and easier rotations.

Foot recess standing area - ensures the angle between standing area and foil remains at 90 degrees.

Elongated Planing Surface- The bottom has a longer flat section around the foil connection area.  This increase glide efficiency and improves low wind handling.  The abrupt tail helps with release when getting back on foil after landing jumps.

Soft Frontal area - increased rocker and volume in the nose aids with deflecting the water on landing from jumps.  This combined with the soft rails up front makes the Jazz feel really soft on landings.



JAZZ Width Volume
4’6” 22.0”  42.5L
4’7” 23.0”  50L
4’8” 24.0”  62L
4’9” 25.0”  75L
4’10” 25.4”  90L


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