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Helena Lane

Helena Lane Sun Cream

Helena Lane Sun Cream

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A gentle blend of natural moisturizing ingredients and mineral sunscreens, with the added benefit of insect repelling essential oils.

  • Broad spectrum protection from UVA & UVB rays using the safe mineral Zinc Oxide (non-nano)
  • Easily applied, easily absorbed, non-whitening, non-sticky formula (YEAH!)
  • Nourishing, soothing base made with certified organic, unrefined plant oils, butters and waxes
  • Lemongrass and lavender essential oils to help repel biting bugs and is safe for everyone over the age of 18 months
  • 81% certified organic ingredients, 19% zinc oxide


Shea butter
Jojoba oil infused with chamomile and calendula flowers
Avocado oil
Zinc Oxide
Lemongrass essential oil
Lavender essential oil
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