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NSP Ninja Pro Carbon

NSP Ninja Pro Carbon

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The NSP Ninja Pro Carbon is a flatwater weapon that excels in chop and small bumps.  

This dugout design with its lower center of gravity helps with stability and allows the paddler to go with a narrower width than they might otherwise use.

The heightened rails and improved dugout design helps keep water out of the cockpit and a shift in placement of the AVS (Accelerator Vacuum System) allows for more efficient draining should water enter the dugout.


 14' x 20" @ 241L  (approx 10.8kg)

14' x 21" @ 247L  (approx 11.05kg)

14' x 22" @ 256L  (approx 11.27kg)

14 x 24" @ 271L  (approx 11.4kg)


Includes fin and two handles - except for 24" that only includes one centre handle.

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