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NSP Surf Foil Pro

NSP Surf Foil Pro

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The Surf Foil Pro is NSP's dedicated surf foil board.  It paddles fast, getting you into waves faster and up on foil easier.



  • Volume is distributed around the chest area to create a solid platform for paddling
  • The rocker line with front stringer line optimizes paddling speed.
  • A low stringer and double concave helps tracking while paddling.
  • Bottom shape and chimed rails helps avoid 'sticky' touch downs and allows easy release to get back up on foil.
  • EVA tail pad with arch bar, side kick, tail kick and side wedges.
  • Twin track foil tuning guide

Sizes available

4'8" x 20" @ 37.6L

5'2" x 21" @ 42.0L

5'6" x 22" @ 47.0L

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