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Takuma Kujira 980 AC (Aluminum/Carbon) Foil Pack

Takuma Kujira 980 AC (Aluminum/Carbon) Foil Pack

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Designed by Laurent Borgna (designer of the Profoil series) and Cyril Coste (Founder of Takuma), the Kujira is an excellent all round foil that is incredibly versatile.

The tubercle design of the front wing is inspired by the pectoral fins of a humpback whale who are known for their agility, power and efficiency.  This design generates lift and speed, all while maintaining control.

The LOL upturned winglets reduces drag while increasing glide and lift to increase foil stability.  

The Kujira 980 has unmatched agility and acceleration and is the ultimate choice for wing foiling, prone foil surfing and down winding in mild to heavy conditions.


Wing Size

Front Wing: 980 cm2

Back Wing: 200cm2

mast: 75cm



Full carbon wings with anodized aluminum fuselage and mast.




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