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Takuma Wing Ride III

Takuma Wing Ride III

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The Takuma Concept Wing Ride III has been completely revamped and the result is one of the most balance Wings on the market!  This Wing is perfect for all levels of Wing Foiler including advanced riders who are riding waves, downwinding and getting airs!

The design process focused on designing a Wing that was stable and ease of use but still has lots of forward drive.  A re-designed arc has improved efficiency.  It is flat enough to maximize power but  has enough flare to allow air through the whole wing to let you accelerate.  It travels upwind with ease and enhances forward drive at the beginning of any ride.

The re-designed long reinforced handles improve control of the wing while letting you move your hands around without letting go!


  • Express Inflation Air Valve
  • Leash Attachment
  • Reinforced Rigid Handles
  • Double Inflation System
  • Paddle Attachment 

Delivered with: WING / Backpack / Repair kit / Pump Adaptor

Note:  Does not include pump but does include a pump adaptor to make it compatible with any inflatable kite.

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